The fog beckoned…

and you answered…by being a part of the 50th Anniversary of the M.A.TESOL Program


Anniversary Logo

The gala event on Friday October 17th paid tribute to the contributions of our alumni, faculty and students, and celebrating the program’s contributions to the field of TESOL and our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in teacher training.   The video documentary created in honor of this milestone that was shown at the event is available to view online. Please see our 50th Anniversary Facebook page for pictures of the event.


 SFSU M.A. TESOL home page


6 thoughts on “The fog beckoned…

  1. I’d be happy to be involved in the planning of this event. Please add me to the alumni contact list, too.

  2. My spouse would like to accompany me. Two attendees are permitted, aren’t they?
    His name: David Laudon
    Many thanks!
    Randy Laroche
    SFSU TESOL Grad. Spring, 1983

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